Corporate Relocation Services

Our team of commercial relocation experts have contributed to many major projects throughout their time in the industry. We operate across the following sectors:

Relocation Feasibility Reporting

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In the commercial real estate market, businesses relocate on a daily basis. However, what is the process that leads to the eventual relocation of premises? Who puts thought into initial costs, correct process and additional stakeholders to work with to get to the actual time to relocate? What is the risk to business as a whole and how can you mitigate this?

Our team works with clients from the initial knowledge of a pending lease expiry right through to the physical move. In particular we aim to empower our clients with the right advice when considering the most suitable workspace relocation solution for your business.

While our offerings relate to the costs, preparation and delivery of the physical relocation of commercial space it is our duty to ensure clients are educated on the options and who can add value to the whole workspace lifecycle.

Storage Consultancy & File Mapping

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How many files and or content does your business have? What type of storage solutions are best for your individual file or equipment requirements? What is the workplace designer or architect allowing for in the design of your workspace?

These are the key questions to ask when looking at new commercial premises and or looking at the design phase. Our storage consultancy experts work with clients to review current records and information management processes.

We explore the physical storage audit process as the pre-works for design and also commence the development of a strategy for integrating the overall relocation plan. Once we understand the current circumstances and uncover the future needs of any organisation we are able then to map the total file and general holdings into the new design for confirmation of space planning.

Relocation Scope Development

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What do you need to take to the new office? Have you completed a storage audit and have a better idea of physical move needs? What the clear business scope for relocation?

With years of commercial relocation management and delivery experience our team of experts have the ability to develop a relocation scope. This allows for a water tight quoting process and the ability to clearly compare costs as all providers are quoting on the same volume.

Commercial Relocation Management & Delivery

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Have you relocated offices before? How do you prepare your team for the relocation? What happens on the move day?

As relocation managers we provide expert knowledge and our vast experience to assist with the education process to staff and manage the full physical relocation process. Our team engage with you, guide you and deliver the relocation for you every step of the way. In addition, we also provide full post move support on day one to ensure a seamless relocation outcome.

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